Minicool Digital Project: graphic concept, landing and web

Minicool Digital Project: graphic concept, landing and web

The digital project we have developed for Minicool has certainly been a special one. Minicool specializes in producing creative solutions, ideas, artworks and trends, focusing in the children industry. Amelia and Judith, with a few years experience in the adventure of commercializing their trendbooks, came to New Branding with the need to find a more digital approach to develop their internationalization target. Starting from the idea that trendbooks can and should reach anywhere in the world, taking advantage of the benefits and solutions provided by the online universe.

In the consultancy we performed, analyzing Minicool’s strengths and opportunities, we concluded that the pillars that should support the project were a conceptual graphic work, evolving but maintaining the essence of the brand. How? Using formats such as video to promote the trendbooks; as well as a complete renovation of its corporate website, plus an inspirational landing using illustration as a differentiating value, creating a nexus between marketing and design responsibles in the companies that buy their services, a different way to create engagement.

Boceto Minicool New Minicool

Currently the site receives Minicool users with all content in English, due to the cosmopolitan side we’ve talked about, but it also has a version in Spanish for Latin American or Spanish users. The web design conveys the brand values ??without losing the usability (UX), who can browse comfortably jumping from content to content. In addition, for those customers who prefer the more traditional distribution, in the Minicool site they will find the more than twenty distribution points available across the five continents.

New Minicool 2

The digital Minicool project is now a reality. With it, the brand has become a referent in the industry, distinguishing from other competing brands with extensive experience in the industry, but limited by the use of conventional communication channels and distribution.

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